Sunday, February 19


Beam me up, Scotty!
Who says a telephone booth in the middle of cow-country Texas can't serve as a tele-porting station? The weather's great to shoot up through sky riding my mountain bike. Maybe I'll even catch up with E.T. By the looks of the ground I can tell that it hasn't been just me who's chosen this path before. The hell with Texan night life, I can just make out the shape of the mother-ship in the distance. 

Saturday, February 18

Modern Woman

The little girl said "I want to be a modern woman when I grow up" and so...
she grew and grew and grew
a managed her way into a classroom
traipsing  in with silver toned pumps and flower-print cashmere sweaters
feeding her students store-bought brownies for rewards
walking home after dark
to feed her cat
and read her books
off her cell-phone
drinking tea
herbal tea
from water heated to a boil in 60 seconds
at the touch of a microwave button