Sunday, November 27

this is the way it is- fool
sit yo ass down
nobody told you to run off
nobody told you to go no where!
you gotta take it all in
take it, sitting on this street
listen to that train rumbling up top
look at those chips and cracks everywhere
this yo city- fool
Come on.
Why you crying?
It ain't so bad yet.
There ain't no ganstas
claiming their turf
with their o-zone killing bottles
pick yo chin up
have some pride
this is yo town
and you gotta keep living it


  1. I love that you responded to this photo by writing such a meaningful piece on consequences. And you're right: we are where we've put ourselves, and there's nothing to do but suck it up and deal.

  2. nice...fell like i just got a pep talk from the street wise the never give up attitude...

  3. it's so wonderful to take in all the moments and scenes of a big city