Wednesday, November 2


Walking up to the circulation desk,
books in one hand
library card in the other
Sliding books across the shiny, marble counter top
to the woman, who stands tall on the other side
with her mother-of-pearl rimmed glasses
nestled in the crevice of her full bosom
the glasses hang from her neck
on a glass beaded chain
She asks for my card
and without a word I place it in her open palm
I'm holding my breath as 
She slides the card smoothly, then frowns
Her lips part and she begins to speak-
But my body's turning
I'm running
I'm running before she gets me
Before she grabs my collar and shakes me
Before I'm locked up for being such a bad bibliophile 
There's a hold on my account
I'm banned 
I'm black-listed
I'm prohibited
There's a hold on my account
and I can't check out any more books


  1. You're right, what a horrible thought.

  2. That is too bad ~ If this was my credit card, I will be shaking with fear too ~

  3. I really like the lead in to the conflict situation. The lines flow very naturally in the descriptive details, and you brought the forbidding librarian to life.

  4. fearsome....getting stuck in library...

  5. oy. i feel you...librarians can be scary...esp when you have been late with a book...ha...and i have had my account frozen...and hidden my books in the drop box too...ha...

    thanks for visiting today, too.

  6. The bane of students! Am now borrowing for my grandchildren from the public library and invariably has to pay fines on late returns on many occasions. Nicely Charleen!


  7. Oh oh! Run! :) Reading this, I was transported back to school...the musty smell, the narrow aisles, the disapproving look from the librarian. :)

  8. My son has the same relationship with the librarians! You captured this well.

  9. that's a horrible realization :) i like it develops.

  10. this made me smile - been there, done that - thanks!! Nice description of the librarian as well!

  11. Ha....I think there are worse crimes than this!! Smiles.