Tuesday, October 25

Hot Date

My baby took me on a hot date to a greasy spoon
"Oh, darling! I'm about to swoon!"
He ordered up a basket of 50 chicken wings 
Then our server gave us some napkins and things
The chicken came doused to the core
Could we desire anything more?
Oh, XXX HAUT--buffalo sauce!
we assured that not one went to loss
The fiery taste made my eyes turn to glass
you should've seen what it did to my-

Wednesday, October 19

Free write

I am going to attempt to free write in the most genuine sence. I am going to tyope away and not edit or delete o r change anything. This is difficult because I find that I tend to filter and want and long to cgo back and change what I expel. ther urge to revise is terrible. But maybe it is not so terrible. Maybe this exercise prooves something valuable. Writing is WORK! Writing does not happen without effort. Or at least good writing does not. The famntasy that an author is someone who sits at his table (or her table) and types uway until they've the perfect manustript completed isnt intirely true. What crap. I've approcimately 14 minutes to go ontil i will Free myself from this exercise. The minutes have never seemed longer. I wilsh I was at home. I wish I was watching a Korean fDrama. I wish I was in that world that exists outdsiede of me. I've been watching a good one. It ios called listen to my heart and it is about a deaf woman, well... does it matter? I dont want to tell you that anymore. What I want to do is quit. I want to quite this exersice that makes me feel foolish and utterly unlearned. But I won't yet. I will persists. Maybe someone will read this and be encouraged. Or maybe now.