Tuesday, August 30

Dear Diary,

So, in class yesterday, if I can pretend to understand what my professor was actually saying, we were encouraged to begin thinking about our own literary theories instead of trying to adopt somebody else's theory. I think I'll try that now.

O.K. So this is what I think about literature:

I think that is the goal of writing. To write something good. Even if it is informative, it can be well-written in the sense that it has some sort of appeal and encourages the reader to keep reading.

Literature should not be something you labor over(when reading-writing is another story). It is supposed to be enjoyed, because it is a piece of art.

When we read, we always read for knowledge. Even if it is non-fiction, we are reading in order to gain access to information that creates a fictional world. Whether that knowledge is valuable or not depends on the reader.

And I guess that's about it. Those a my literary beliefs.

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