Tuesday, August 30

Dear Diary,

So, in class yesterday, if I can pretend to understand what my professor was actually saying, we were encouraged to begin thinking about our own literary theories instead of trying to adopt somebody else's theory. I think I'll try that now.

O.K. So this is what I think about literature:

I think that is the goal of writing. To write something good. Even if it is informative, it can be well-written in the sense that it has some sort of appeal and encourages the reader to keep reading.

Literature should not be something you labor over(when reading-writing is another story). It is supposed to be enjoyed, because it is a piece of art.

When we read, we always read for knowledge. Even if it is non-fiction, we are reading in order to gain access to information that creates a fictional world. Whether that knowledge is valuable or not depends on the reader.

And I guess that's about it. Those a my literary beliefs.

Saturday, August 27

Online Diary

I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to do this, but I guess I am. I am going to blog about my experiences as a grad student. ONLINE! I hope this will make me more reflective and maybe also help someone else. It should be fun, right?

So here I go:

This week marks the conclusion of my first week at grad school. I am very afraid, yet not entirely discouraged.

The amount of reading I am required to do is very large, which shouldn't be surprising since I'm majoring in English. So far, I've read everything except for one chapter. But I still have the rest of tonight, so there is hope that I will complete it by the official end of the week.

My professors seem knowledgeable and at least 2 of my classmates seem like they won't be overly mean to me. I was very worried about that. It feels like everyone in my class has an edge over me in one way or the other. Some are smarter, others richer. And me? I am just me. I have something to offer, but it isn't a whole lot, and that makes me feel like if I were in middle school again.

Well, I suppose that's it. Cross your fingers for me, will you? I'm off on one of the biggest adventures of my life thus so far.

Saturday, August 20

I thought I knew you
but then you changed
and then I knew you not

It wasn't a surprise
I had been expectant,
waiting, I was waiting

I knew we'd have to part

But I didn't know I'd cry

I didn't know you wouldn't care

I thought it'd be the other way around
you, holding your arms out to me
me, my back turned on you

I hope you're happy
I hope you'll be happy
I hope you never know that I am unhappy


Wednesday, August 10

Verbal Snapshot

In the darkness of the night, the man held the woman, tight around her waist. "I love you," she murmured to him. The man moved his mouth down, closer to her ear and whispered, "but do you love me with all your heart?"

Monday, August 8


Let me just tell you one thing: I love being happy.
Some people are adrenaline junkies- I pursue happiness.
I love smiling. Better yet, I love laughing.
I like to laugh loud and uncontrollably.
Laughter has got to be the human's purr, right?
They say that happiness is hard to find, but I haven't found that to be true. I find happiness when I get lost in a good story, or when I feel it on my tongue. Don't tell me dark chocolate never made a woman happy! I find it in rich conversation and in a restful night of sleep. Happiness is everywhere, if I stop and look for it.