Thursday, July 7

Apple Pie Not American- Experts Report

For years people have used the phrase "as American as apple pie" to describe the various aspects of culture in the United States of America. Everything from clothing, to sports, to even the physical attributes of an individual could be said to be "as American as apple pie." However, experts have recently discovered that apple pie is not as American as one would think. In fact, apple pie is not American at all.

Eve Iounn, avid reader of Wikipedia online asserts, "When you study the history of the pomaceous fruit, you discover that its origins come from Western Asia. How then can a dessert made from a fruit originating from Asia be American?"

But it doesn't stop there. Apple pie is not just made from an un-American fruit, pie itself has foreign origins. The baked dish first appeared thousands of years ago in ancient Eygpt.

Chief editor of Food-R-US comments: "Pie was not, is not, and will not ever be American."

Americans have reacted to the news quite strongly. Upon hearing the the news, many people have begun boycotting stores that carry or make the dessert. Others have placed bumper stickers with the slogan "APPLE PIE MUST DIE" on the back of their pick-up trucks.


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