Tuesday, May 4

The Lunatic

By and by
the night does wry
all whilst I lay in bed

low they go
the voices know
I cannot stand their stead

Clutching air
In vast despair
to rid me of this beast

fight with blood
defeat the flood
of malice, hate, and yeast

be realistic
desist, wave your white flag

I won't give
I cannot live
a life of scrap and rag

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  1. A strong poem here....gives me the chills.

  2. Lunatic? Perhaps, but perhaps this poem is a tome of us all when nightmares rage!

  3. i like the not giving up here...nightmares can be terrifying...

  4. really enchanting rhyme scheme in this...and i appreciate as well the strength it takes to stand knowing it may be a long battle with those beasts...smiles.

  5. Powerful words and visuals - ah, those night thoughts and dreams can be filled with such turmoil. Beautifully written!

  6. ...unexplainable right?... that's how i almost in many a night of suffering from morpheus curse... and like you...the set up made me almost believe i am in a lunatic state... but oh... it is more like depression we can't handle right... smiles... thanks for sharing this...

  7. we can only clutch the air when we are out of control and desperate, because if we are in a state of being logical, why would we do that?

    quickening of the chakras

  8. The thoughts that occur in the depths of night can really take us in their claws. Hopefully, they let go in the calming dawn. Great poem.

  9. Perhaps no one can know until they've been kept awake by a screaming hallucination!