Wednesday, April 28

the end of the world

Sweet song of humanity, play on

apparently, we still ain't gone

global catastrophe seems eminent

yet bars and parties are still prominent

a question of when, not if

that's what the epidemiologist insists

the bees have died

the brokers cried

but we play on

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  1. So very true. It just continues.......

  2. People don't understand how important bees are my in-laws have hives. This is so tragic but so elegantly executed

    I am

  3. powerful, nice use of words and action, concise, it is what is not said in this poem which leaves me wanting more, I really like the way you have presented climate change.

  4. great lines! very true, "play on"... life continues

  5. And so we do (play on)...'not in our lifetime' 'I'll be long dead when it happens' - heard it all - seems we never consider the generations we lovingly create...

    Anna :o]